A vibrant and flexible tenant’s hub, co-working and event space for the vertical community of businesses at No. 1 Martin Place in Sydney’s CBD, this project features precast GFRC modular tri propeller seating with integrated planters and game boards.

Kuro Bar and Dining

Housed within a historical building dating back to 1910 in Sydney’s CBD, Kuro’s aesthetic seamlessly blends understated sophistication, using ‘kintsugi’, a centuries-old Japanese tradition of mending broken ceramics with gold for inspiration, in its architecture. The installation features a precast kitchen, bar tops, coffee bar and bathroom vanities with inlaid brass angle details to all corners, and kintsugi-style gold epoxy injected into cracks in the existing dining floor.

Four Pillars Bar

Nestled in the heart of Sydney’s Surry Hills is Four Pillars Gin’s flagship location with Eileen’s Bar and the Four Pillars Laboratory, featuring our 26-metre ‘juniper’ blue island bar and warm caramel marmorino retail space.